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     Well It’s a new week and a busy one at that. I would like to announce that my new book galley’s are flying out the door in response to those who are wishing to review my new novel  “Once Wicked Always Dead.” I must say I am very happy and surprised by how many request that I am getting and  hope that all of you will be pleased with the galley. I personally want to thank each of you for taking your time and showing such an intrest. Please keep in mind that these galleys are unedited and I am well aware of some of the mistakes that are scattered within the  pages and I can assure you that all will be corrected before my actual release date. On another note, I would also like to thank David and Mary Trumbell for inviting me to attend The Robert Benchley Society  Annual event in July. I am so looking foward to attending and I’m sure the day and night will be filled with much fun and laughter. Now that I have shown all of you a little of my serious side, I will resume next week in touching  upon a more humorous nature  but unfortunately you will have to wait until we meet again.