The Movie Script of Once Wicked Always Dead

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It appears that my gears have temporarily shift from writing Novels to entering the world of the Movie Making Industries. Of course I was at first a little apprehensive but I must say that I have whole heartedly dove head first into the dark waters and there was no turning back. Luckily for me, I am finding this whole process to be quite refreshing, exhillerating and extremily stimulating. There is something magical when you are able to bring your characters to life upon the silver screen and I am not only in love with writing the script but the buisness end of producing. Without a doubt they have hooked me. I know that this is an oddity for an author to actually love that type of industry, but once again I am not the norm. I was able to keep a good portion of control with the script and of course I am flexible, easygoing, and I think an extremly fun person to work with. (Excuse me while I toot my own horn.)

Now to my readers I have had to put my next novel on hold as It is difficult for me to keep switching between the ; I would like you to know that I have changed the script up and I think you will find the movie as good or hopefully even better then the book. The basic story is there and it will hold your attention from beganing to end with some added surprises. Oh how I wish I could give you all the details and belive me it’s difficult to keep my mouth shut but it will be well worth the wait. So please be patient and hold on to your hats because i know this one will blow you away!