It’s that time of Year


Well once again summer has fallen upon us and the sweet southern air has been bogged down with moisture, while the sun’s  unmerciful rays sizzle down  baking us all.

“One can only stay in their pool for so long.”  My husband yells at me.

Learning well from our children, I choose to  ignore his statement.  I close my eyes, lay my head back and let the coolness of the water do it’s duty. I have only a few days left to contend with the heat, as we will be loading up our mountain dog and our hemingway cat. The car will be packed full and we will be happily heading for the Mountains,  where the air is cool, elevating our senses and thus providing us with a renewed sense of energy. I call this little piece of heaven our spa and believe me when I say It’s well needed. Life has been in overdrive and we have been rearing up the engines for my release of “Once Wicked Always Dead” The response has been overwhelming and the huge demand for my Galleys have left me with only empty boxes at the warehouse.   On a good note; due to the positive respond that we have had with all of the book sellers, we will be increasing the first printing by thousands. So with that being said I will be on my way, but before I go I must tell you about the little promise that I made to our children when I was at a weak moment. ( I swear they have a sixth sense in knowing the perfect time when to hit me up for what they desire.) This has been something that they have always wanted to do with me for a long time and with their constant begging, I had no choice but to give in. What might this request be? Well all I can say for now, is that it has something to do with me jumping out………..Well maybe it will be better if I just wait and tell you after I do it.

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  1. T. Marie Benchley says:

    sorry this is custom.

  2. 44PL9523 says:

    You did a good job.

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