October, what a Wicked month for a Wicked Book


When I’m bad, I’m so bad and when I am good, what can I say? I guess I’m still a little wicked. I do realize that I have left you  wandering  out in the mist of blogger land and I greatly appreciate you staying with me. After my extreme stunt of jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet to fall roughly 120 mph with a giant of a man strapped to my back, I can only begin to tell you that i was beyond grateful that my parachute opened without a single glitch. The very next day, my husband and I loaded up our car and headed to our cabin. It was there, nestled  amongst the mountains ,where I spent the entire summer cooperating and swearing to never let my children talk me into anything like that again. So after such a huge response and unbecoming begging from all of you, I am back and do solomnly swear, I will whole hartly strive to keep up on all my blogs! 

Now that is enough on that subject and lets get down to the good stuff, shall we? I would like to give a huge shout out to the Southern Independant Book Association. This years event  was held in Daytona Beach, Florida and was down right fun! There is nothing like Southern Hospitality, believe me I know because I live in the south and yes, my daughters name is Scarlett. ( You can’t get more Southern then that) With the new release of my Hard Cover I was asked to come and sign and meet all of the  wonderful Independent book store owners. With the help of my assistant,  I autographed and quickly gave out 150 books. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun these people are! I happily accepted several invitations to visit their stores and sign for their customers. One owner had even sweeten the pot, by offering to teach me  belly dancing . ( Seriously how could I pass that up, I am so there!) Tomorrow I fly out and head to Michigan where I will be signing and meeting with the Great Lakes Independent Association. I can only hope that I have as much fun with these small store owners as I did with the Southern. I am sure I will have some stories to tell after this trip. So until next time remember, “The most wasted day is that in which we have not laughed”

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