Mind Over Blog


     After much pleading, begging, prodding and poking I have been asked to divulge any type of wisdom that I might have and create a weekly blog. I have given this much thought and after forcibly being dragged to my writing room, I sit now before my computer stretching into the dark corners of my mind searching…. searching……searching, for any glimmer of infinite foresight that I might be able to offer. Oh I’m sure you have many questions and over the course of weeks, months, and years I am quite confident that I will provide you with all the answers that you are searching for and after I do that, then what? The answer to this question is what scares me and believe me, it should scare you as well, as I am afraid I will be forced to write about the most mundane aspects of my life. Now grant it I’m sure that I can spice it up with some of my inbred humor, after all I am a Benchley and I do come from a long line of family members who crack themselves  up on a daily basis and although my children think otherwise, I have become quite an expert at this myself. So now that I have an audience who will be happy to listen to my ramblings I am starting to believe that I might actually enjoy this whole concept of blogging, but if I could make one suggestion to any of you out there, if there is a topic that you are just dying to get my opinion on or a question that you may have that just needs to be answered, then by all means send it to me and I would be happy to  touch upon the matter. In the meantime, I will go back to work on my next novel “Mother Can’t Be Trusted” and spend this next week thinking of a subject matter that might be much more insightful to write about.

Who knows I might just surprise you!

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